1. Macleod College

    Macleod College

    Macleod College’s recent upgrades focused on modernising while maintaining optimal functionality. The renovation featured BRITEX acid-resistant Laboratory Bowls paired with Laboratory tapware for the new science building. 


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  2. Warringa Park School Polly Parade Campus

    Warringa Park School Polly Parade Campus

    Accommodating the growing local population, the newly establishe Polly Parade specialist campus at Warringa Park School features 50 areas for primary-aged students with intellectual disabilities. Designed by ARM Architecture and built by Huchinson Builders, BRITEX worked alongside Tobin Plumbing to supply and manufacture a range of stainless steel fixtures throughout the school. Featuring drinking fountains, troughs, laboratory bowls and more.


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  3. North Melbourne Primary School

    North Melbourne Primary School

    Accommodating for the growing population of North Melbourne, this new campus is one of Melbourne's first vertical primary schools!. Utilising the site space available, ARM Architecture has designed the exciting and innovative school with an incredible range of engaging and inspiring areas over the 6 floors, for the students to play, learn and grow.


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  4. Al Iman College

    Al Iman College

    New BRITEX Wudu Foot Wash Troughs installed for students and staff at Al Iman College, Melton South. The BRITEX Stainless Steel Wudu Troughs are designed specifically for the foot washing process during Wudu in Islamic cultural buildings. The process of the Wudu ritual requires a thoughtful design of a trough to allow for function and practicality of performing the ritual, while still maintaining hygiene.


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  5. Nearnung Primary School

    Nearnung Primary School

    New school, new BRITEX fixtures! With a growing local population, Nearnung (a Bunurong word meaning black cockatoo) Primary School has just opened for the 2023 school year.


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  6. Strathmore North Primary School

    Strathmore North Primary School

    ARCHITECT: K2LD BUILDER: 2Construct PLUMBER: JWC Plumbing BRITEX PROJECT MANAGER: Britex VIC The upgraded art and library building at Strathmore North Primary School features new spaces for learning and provides extra facilities to allow for the ...

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  7. Kambrya College

    Kambrya College

    PLUMBER: Beasley & Marshallsea Plumbing BRITEX PROJECT MANAGER: Britex VIC The new toilet blocks at Kambrya College servicing the sports area come complete with Britex Stainless Steel sanitary fixtures. The secondary school located in Berwick V...

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  8. Clyde Creek Primary School

    Clyde Creek Primary School

    PLUMBER: Transcend Plumbing BUILDER: Hutchinson Builders ARCHITECT: Kerstin Thompson Architects in association with McBride Charles Ryan BRITEX PROJECT MANAGER: Britex VIC Britex is proud to be involved in the new VSBA project for Clyde Creek Pri...

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  9. Diamond Creek East Primary School

    Diamond Creek East Primary School

    BUILDER: Kendall Construction Group BRITEX PROJECT MANAGER: Britex VIC Britex are proud to have worked alongside Diamond Creek East Primary School and Kendall Construction Group as part of the Victorian School Building Authority’s vision to build...

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  10. Knox Gardens Primary School

    Knox Gardens Primary School

    PLUMBER:Beasley & Marshallsea BRITEX PROJECT MANAGER:Britex VIC Stainless Steel fixtures are most suited to school applications due to their durability, hygienic properties and low maintenance schedules. With Britex you get the added benefit of...

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  11. Yarra Valley Grammar

    Yarra Valley Grammar

    Plumber: Eastern Plumbing Builder:2Construct Britex Project ManagerBRITEX VIC Britex is proud to be involved in the brand new Fine Arts Building at Yarra Valley Grammar in collaboration with Eastern Plumbing and 2Construct Builders. Spanning o...

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  12. Upper Yarra Secondary College

    Upper Yarra Secondary College

    Plumber:ODM Plumbing Builder:4SQUARE Construction ArchitectHarrison & White Britex Project ManagerBRITEX VIC Britex are proud to be involved in another successful VSBA School Upgrade Project at Upper Yarra Secondary College in Yarra Junct...

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  13. Balcatta Senior High School

    Balcatta Senior High School

    Architect: Hassell Builder: PS Structures Plumber: Knowles Plumbing Britex Project Manager: BRITEX WA Britex Project Role: As part of the WA State Government’s commitment to improving Education Infrastructure, Balcatta Senior High Scho...

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  14. Our Lady of Angels Elementary School USA

    Our Lady of Angels Elementary School USA

    Britex Project Manager:BRITEX USA Our Lady of Angels Elementary School is a fully accredited private Catholic school located in Burlingame, California on the San Francisco Peninsula. The School was founded in 1927 and has continued to deliver q...

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  15. Swinburne Children’s Centre

    Swinburne Children’s Centre

    Developer:Lilydale Community Child Care Inc Architect:The ELLIS Group Architects Builder:Westrock Britex Project Manager:Mr. Paul Whitworth The construction of the brand new Swinburne Children’s Centre saw a number of Britex Stainless Steel...

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  16. Ashley Park Primary School

    Ashley Park Primary School

    Developer:VIC Department of Education Architects:Architectus Group + K2LD Architects Builders:Kane Constructions Britex Project Manager:Mr. John Doolan The establishment of Ashley Park Primary School involved the inclusion of a number of Brit...

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  17. Aitken Hill Primary School

    Aitken Hill Primary School

    The development of Aitken Hill Primary School utilised a number of Britex stainless steel products.


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  18. Dohertys Creek P-9 College

    Dohertys Creek P-9 College

    The Dohertys Creek P-9 College development saw the inclusion of a number of Britex Stainless Steel fittings and fixtures.


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  19. Victorian Schools Project - PPP

    Victorian Schools Project - PPP

    Builder:WATPAC Architect:Clarke Hopkins Clarke Est. Project Value:$291 million Britex Project Manager:Mr. Scott Fowler Working with Architects Clarke Hopkins Clarke and Watpac Builders involved in the Victorian New School Building Project - P...

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  20. Officer Secondary College

    Officer Secondary College

    BuilderMelbcon ArchitectClarke Hopkins Clarke Est. Project Value$12.8 million Britex Project ManagerMr. John Doolan Britex working closely with the architect and builder was involved in Stage 2 of the construction of Officer Secondary College...

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