Knox Gardens Primary School

PLUMBER:Beasley & Marshallsea


Stainless Steel fixtures are most suited to school applications due to their durability, hygienic properties and low maintenance schedules. With Britex you get the added benefit of customising your fixtures to suit your school. We offer free site measures to make sure the boys urinals are made to fit perfectly and we pre-plumb our easy to install troughs with a wide variety of hand wash and drinking (or mixed) taps to suit your students needs.

Working with Beasley & Marshallsea Plumbing Contractors for Knox Gardens Primary School, the included Britex products were designed with our users at front of mind. Sanistep Urinals are the ultimate choice for hygienic bathrooms with a hinged grate and unique weir style sparge to prevent mess on the floor, ideal for high traffic lunchtime breaks! While Britex PWD troughs are fully welded with rounded corners both internally and externally to ensure easy cleaning and provide added safety for your students.

Other Britex products for Knox Gardens Primary School include:

• Britex Stainless Steel PWD Preplumbed Hand Wash Trough (TPWDPH)
• Britex Stainless Steel PWD Preplumbed Drinking Trough (TPWDPD)
• Britex Stainless Steel Sanistep Urinal (USAN)
• Britex Stainless Steel Security Stainless Steel Mirror (SMIR)
• Britex Stainless Steel Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser S.S. (BTX-05-040)


Located in Wantirna South Victoria, Knox Gardens Primary School received upgraded fixtures for the school’s bathrooms and drinking troughs. The Britex stainless steel drinking and wash troughs are highly durable, easy to clean and provide added safety with radius edges making them ideal in a school, kindergarten and child care setting.