Custom Stainless Fabrication

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Britex specialises in the fabrication of custom stainless steel fixtures. With over 78 years of experience in custom stainless fabrication, Britex can provide a wealth of technical advice on the best way to design and document benches, sinks and shelves that cost effective and ideally suited to specific project requirements. Britex can also provide standard technical drawings and documentation tools that make this task, quick, easy and accurate.

Custom stainless steel fabrication incorporates a significant number of variables that combine to provide a fixture that is ideally suited to individual project applications including commercial kitchens and hospitality environments, to medical grade health science projects and education facilities.

For the purposes of specifying fixtures for style tender documents and quotation requests it is crucial that each one of the important variables are adequately detailed as they are likely to have a significant impact on both the cost and suitability of the fixture when completed. To assist with the task of specifying and detailing custom stainless steel benches, sinks and shelves, Britex has developed a step-by-step specification procedure that ensures all variables are considered by the specifier and detailed in the specification document accordingly.

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