Swinburne Children’s Centre

  • Developer:Lilydale Community Child Care Inc
  • Architect:The ELLIS Group Architects
  • Builder:Westrock
  • Britex Project Manager:Mr. Paul Whitworth

The construction of the brand new Swinburne Children’s Centre saw a number of Britex Stainless Steel fittings and fixtures installed. These products include:

•Multiple Britex S.S. PWD Wall Mounted Troughs at 1500mm long pre-plumbed with four Front Lever Timed Flow Bib Taps (TPWDPH + TW-9106)
•Britex S.S. Cleaner’s Sinks with Brackets and Legs (CSL)
•Multiple Britex S.S. Compacted Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains (DWHC)
•Multiple Britex S.S. Vanity Inset Hand Basins (HBVI)
•Multiple Britex S.S. Baby Baths (BB1)
•Multiple Britex Eco Timed Flow Pillar Taps - Warm (TW-9107)
•Multiple Britex Eco Timed Flow Pillar Taps - Cold (TW-9101)
•Britex Basin Mounted Sensor Tap (TW-9110)
•Multiple Britex Square Liquid Soap Dispensers with Standard Nozzles (BTX-05-022)
•Multiple Britex Satin S.S. Single Roll Toilet Paper Dispensers (BTX-06-015)
•Multiple Britex S.S. Coat Hooks (BTX-10-028)
•Multiple Britex Satin S.S. 90 Ambulant Grab Rails (BTR-01-058)
•Britex 90 Degree Flush Mount Side Wall & Cistern - RH Satin S.S. Grab Rail (BTR-01-016)
•Britex 90 Degree Flush Mount Side Wall & Cistern - LH Satin S.S. Grab Rail (BTR-01-014)
•Britex S.S. Shelf 300mmW (BTX-10-010)
•Britex Accessible Folding Shower Seat (BTX-11-024)

The Lilydale Community Childcare Inc. was originally formed in 1997 to operate the Lilydale Childcare Centre in Melba Avenue, Lilydale on behalf of Swinburne University – an arrangement which has since been extended to include the Croydon, Wantirna and now Lilydale Centres. Managed by a Committee comprising of industry members, parents and Swinburne University, the newly constructed Swinburne Children’s Centre is set to open its doors to the community in June 2020.