Julia Reserve Community Centre NSW

  • Developer:Landcom
  • Architect:Mode Design Corporation Pty Ltd
  • Builder:J Hutchinson Pty Ltd
  • Britex Project ManagerBRITEX NSW

The new Julia Reserve Community Centre features a number of easy to install Britex Stainless Steel BenchTech products, as well as a number of plumbing and building fixtures.

The Britex products installed as part of this project include:

•Multiple Britex S.S. Centurion Ambulant Toilet Pans (PCAM) with White Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seats (SVRC-W)
•Britex S.S. Centurion Accessible Toilet Suite (PTSD) with White Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seat (SVRC-W)
•Multiple Britex S.S. In Wall Cisterns with Raised Accessible Buttons (FIW-D453)
•Britex S.S. Vandal Resistant Backrest with Combination Rear Rail and LHS Rail with 90 Degree Extension (BTX-BRC-L90-VR)
•Britex S.S. 1200mm BenchTech Single Sink Bench - Left Hand Bowl (BT-SSB-612-L)
•Britex S.S. 1800mm BenchTech Double Sink Bench - Right Hand Side (BT-DSB-618-R)
•Britex S.S. 900mm BenchTech Work Bench (BT-WB-609)
•Britex S.S. 1200mm BenchTech Work Bench (BT-WB-612)
•Britex S.S. 1500mm BenchTech Work Bench (BT-WB-615)
•Multiple Britex S.S. BenchTech Corner Work Benches (BT-WB-6CNR)
•Multiple Britex S.S. 900mm, 1200mm and 1800mm BenchTech Flat Island Benches (BT-FB-609) + (BT-FB-612) + (BT-FB-618)
•Britex S.S. Flat Sheet Shelf 1500mm x 350mm (SHELF-S)
•Multiple Britex S.S. Flat Sheet Shelves 1800mm x 350mm (SHELF-S)


Located in Camden Council’s Oran Park, south-west of Sydney, the new Julia Reserve Community Centre provides spaces for meetings, conferences, local businesses and private events, as well as indoor and outdoor performances. Sitting adjacent to a community skate park, basketball court and parkour area, the $5.6 million Community Centre is situated in Oran Park Town, which is one of the largest master planned communities in New South Wales and will provide 10,000 lots for 30,000 residents over the next 20 years. The area was originally home to the Muringong, southernmost of the Darug people.