Flemington Racecourse

  • Developer:Victorian Racing Club Limited
  • Plumber: Perpetual Gas & Plumbing
  • Builder:Jacaranda Industries 
  • Britex Project Manager:Mr. John Doolan

The new Victoria Racing Club Members Building at Flemington Racecourse saw the addition of the VRC Members Amenities, complete with one of Australia’s most specified urinals, the Britex Sanistep.

With a unique rhombus room and a restricted access point, Britex worked closely with the team at Perpetual Gas & Plumbing to overcome the challenge of site measuring, custom fabricating and site welding almost 20 lineal metres of recessed Sanistep Urinal for an uncommonly shaped bathroom.

A high traffic facility, particularly during Melbourne’s infamousracing season, the design brief called for an efficient use of existing space with modern amenities to match and reflect the prestige and custom of Flemington Racecourse.

The Urinals incorporated in this development are:

•Britex S.S. Custom Recessed Sanistep L Shape Urinal 7170mm x 2115mm with associated site welding (USAN)
•Britex S.S. Custom Recessed Sanistep Urinal 8000mm long with associated site welding (USAN)
•Britex S.S. Custom Recessed Sanistep Urinal 2000mm long with associated site welding (USAN)
•Multiple Britex Smart Saniflush Sensor Systems (FSM)

When a floor plan differs from a standard rectangle space a site measure from an expert Britex representative is imperative to ensure products are made to the exact measurements required. The unique shape, angles and requirement of the space dictated a total of one L shaped Sanistep Urinal that was 7100mm x 2100mm long and two straight Sanisteps at 8000mm and 2000mm respectively installed at custom angles to suit the room. The site measure is then translated into an accurate technical digital drawing through the Britex drafting department and handed to our Melbourne manufacturing warehouse for custom fabrication.

The immense lengths of Sanistep Urinal specified and restricted access points on site for this project required a challenge for delivery and installation. To solve the issue, the total amount of Urinal was provided in sections to ensure a smooth handover, accompanied by our BRITEX Install Team on site to ensure a seamless integration through onsite welding. As an added advantage, the Sanistep in this project is paired with the BRITEX Smart Sensor Flushing System which is especially suited to high traffic Urinals where users appear in quick succession. The unit won’t constantly flush and waste precious water making it a premium hygienic and water saving choice.

Note: In this case, the Urinals were fixed directly back to a block wall. Therefore, only top entry water connections could be applied to flush the Urinals, hence the fabrication of stainless steel shrouds on top to cover the pipes. In most cases there would be a cavity extending behind and above the Urinal where the pipes would be hidden.