Scarborough Beach Services & Surf Club WA

  • Client:City of Stirling / Scarboro SLSC
  • Architect:Hames Sharley Architects
  • Plumber:Johnson + Co Plumbing & Gas
  • Britex Project Manager:Ms. Monica Macaskill

The Scarborough Beach Services & Surf Club project utilises a broad range of Britex stainless steel products. The fixtures and accessories supplied for this project include:

• Britex S.S. Vandal Resistant Standard (PC), Accessible (PCD) and Ambulant (PCAM) Centurion Toilet Pans, paired with Britex Pneumatic In Wall Cisterns (FIW)
• Britex S.S Vandal Resistant Accessible Hand Basins (HBDA) with added Timed Flow Lever Pillar Taps (TW-9103)
• Britex Anti-vandal Deluxe Timed Flow Pillar Taps (TW-9201)
• Britex S.S Regency Urinal (UREG) paired with the water efficient, vandal-proof Smart Saniflush Sensor System (FSM)
Britex S.S Café Sink (CAFE) with large double bowls and corrugated drainers
• Britex Vandal Resistant Hob Mounted Mixer Taps (TW-MIX-02) for use in conjunction with Britex S.S basins, sinks and trough
• Britex S.S Pattern Trough No. 1 (TP1)
• Britex Deluxe Timed Flow Bib Taps (TW-9203)
• Multiple Britex S.S Round Shower Columns (BSC) with highly tamper resistant shower heads and foot wash taps
• Britex S.S Backrest with Integrated Combination Side and Rear Rails (BTX-BRC)


Located within the City of Stirling, just 20 minutes from Perth City, Scarborough offers one of Perth’s most popular beaches. The Scarborough Beach redevelopment worth $30 million incorporated a complete range of Britex Stainless Steel Vandal Resistant fixtures and accessories, commonly recommended and specified for council applications and public amenities.The objectives and design principles for the Scarborough Beach Services & Surf Club project included building on Scarborough’s identity and creating an activated, integrated and attractive place.