Melbourne Town Hall Toilet Facilities

  • Client:Melbourne City Council
  • Builder:Bryant Builders
  • Architect:Marc Dixon Architect 
  • Britex Project ManagerMr. John Doolan

The newly upgraded Melbourne Town Hall Toilet Facilities feature a number of vandal resistant BRITEX stainless steel products, ideal for Public Amenities areas.

The fixtures and accessories supplied in this project include:

• Britex custom made U Shape Sanistep Urinal approximately 9500mm long (USAN)
• Multiple Britex S.S. Centurion Pans (PC) supplied with Black Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seats (SVRC-B)
• Multiple Britex S.S. Vandal Resistant Wash Basins (HBVR) supplied with multiple Deluxe Timed Flow Bib Taps (TW-9203)
• Multiple Britex S.S. Channel Frame Mirrors without Shelf 460mm x 610mm (BTX-07-015)
• Multiple Britex S.S. Horizontal Liquid Soap Dispensers with Standard Nozzles (BTX-05-019)
• Multiple Britex S.S. purpose made Security Shelves (SSHE)

Melbourne Town Hall, managed by the City of Melbourne, stands in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD on Swanston Street and has done so since its completion in 1870. It plays host to a number of festivities year round, catering for events of ten to 2000 people, including theatrical performances, weddings, receptions, exhibitions, corporate launches, school concerts and cocktail parties. Free tours of the historic Town Hall give visitors the opportunity to view the building’s beautiful interiors and learn about the architectural, social and political significance of the heritage listed building.