Fairfield Park Amenities

  • Developer:Yarra City Council
  • Architect:Element Architects Pty Ltd
  • Britex Project Manager:Mr. Paul Whitworth 

The new Fairfield Park Amenities Block has been designed to incorporate a complete range of vandal resistant certified Britex Sanitary fixtures, which are highly specified in council projects involving public amenities due their robust design and construction.

The Britex products supplied in this project include:

•Multiple Britex S.S. Centurion Toilet Pans (PC) supplied with Black Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seats (SVRC-B)
•Britex S.S. Centurion Disabled Toilet Pan (PCD) supplied with Navy Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seat (SVRC-N)
•Britex S.S. Centurion Ambulant Toilet Pans (PCAM) supplied with Black Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seats (SVRC-B)
•Multiple Britex 4.5/3 Litre In Wall Cisterns with Security Plate and Low Profile Buttons (FIW-SEC453)
•Britex 4.5/3 Litre Accessible In Wall Cistern with Security Plate and Accessible Buttons (FIW-SECD453)
•Britex S.S. Vandal Resitant SS Backrest with Combination Rear Rail and RHS Rail with 40 Degree Extension (BTX-BRC-R40-VR)
•Britex Satin S.S. 90 Ambulant Grab Rail (BTR-01-058)
•Britex S.S. Disabled Hand Basin (HBDA) supplied with Cold Eco Timed Flow Pillar Tap (TW-9101)
•Britex S.S. Disabled Hand Basin (HBDA) supplied with Timed Flow Lever Pillar Tap (TW-9103)
•Multiple Britex S.S. Interfold Toilet Paper Dispensers (BTX-06-034)


Located a short six kilometers from the Melbourne CBD, Fairfield Park is full of activity year round, which sees a high volume of foot traffic utilize the public amenities facilities spread throughout the site. With the Yarra River running directly throughout, Fairfield Park has become both a popular tourist destination and visiting spot for locals, with the Fairfield Boathouse and Ampitheatre attracting widespread attention. Visitors of all ages can be seen basking in the sun on the banks of the Yarra River in the summer, rowing a boat or canoe along the River, having a picnic or barbeque and enjoying a leisurely walk through the park.