The Hand Basin is an underrated part of any washroom and can be easily considered both in the design and setup of your bathroom or its refurbishment. With a wide variety of hand basin options in bold stainless steel or softer ceramic finish, Britex will have a design to fit your style.

stainless steel wash basins

When choosing your hand basin, instead of settling with a traditional basin installation why not consider the charm of a wall mounted style? It creates a feature out of your basin and has an advantage in upping the value of a property with its modernised elegance. This style also has an abundance of benefits for those who are thinking about making changes in the future.

Here is a look at some of the essential benefits attached to the wall mounted basin and why it remains an attractive option.


While not requiring cabinetry under is a huge benefit of the wall mounted basin, pedestals are an aesthetically pleasing option for stand alone or feature basins. The full or semi pedestal allows for plumbing to be neatly disguised and hidden from view and provide a well rounded and hygienic finish to your wall mounted basin. Both the Britex 550 Ceramic Hand Basin and the Britex 650 Ceramic Hand Basin offer full and semi pedestal options and together with the benefit of their wide tap platform, Europeans style basin overflow and choice of one or three tap holes these ceramic basins are versatile options suited but not limited to domestic and hospitality bathrooms.


wash basin specifications

Unlike a traditional inset or semi recessed hand basin, cabinetry is not required in the installation of a wall mounted hand basin which makes it a space saving option. This is a perfect fit for smaller bathrooms which not only opens up and modernises your bathroom but allows for ease of cleaning and maintenance. For public amenities where storage is not required mounting hand basins on the wall allows for the installation of compulsory fixtures in a compact space. For added anti vandalism, our stainless steel wall mounted basins are the ultimate fit with the Britex Grandeur Hand Basin our most specified design for its added durability and hygienic properties. This particular design includes a seamless stainless shroud that conceals the plumbing within.


Mounting a basin on the wall has opened up your ability to choose where it is installed, without being encumbered by cabinetry which traditionally makes installation restricted to certain areas. This is a game changer for those who want to fully personalise their washroom. You are then also not limited to the size and shape of your basin.


accessible stainless steel wash basins

Arguably the most important benefit of having a standalone wall mounted basin is accessibility. Under Australian Standards for Access Compliancy, basins are required among other factors to have a standard knee/toe clearance under the basin to suit wheelchair users. The absence of cabinetry under ensures basins especially in a public domain, are accessible to all end users. To avoid hand basins that may not be compliant, rely on the Britex Disabled Hand Basin or our New Bellagio Accessible Basin to make sure your bathroom is up to scratch.


In addition to providing a variety of off the shelf wall mounted basins, Britex also deals with custom made basins to suit your needs and budget. While we only rely on the best materials to uphold our strict quality standards, you can rest assured that we also pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions for all our customers. To find out more, you can request a catalogue or get in touch with the team at Britex today to see what we can do for you.