Britex is proud to be involved in the new and exciting Elgar Park sports pavilion located for Whitehorse City Council. The 3.1 million dollar pavilion located on the park’s southern ovals, comes complete with multi-purpose sports areas, female-friendly change rooms, public toilets and kitchen. The facility accommodates for club tenants and the wider community of Whitehorse. Working in collaboration with Centrum Architects, Melbcon Builders and DWG Plumbing, Britex supplied several Bellagio basins fitted with lever taps and accessible and ambulant toilet suites with grab rails. The products supplied are perfectly suited for public amenities such as sporting clubs for their long wear and durable properties.

Other Britex products for the Elgar Park sports pavilion facility include:

• Britex Stainless Steel Accessible Bellagio Basin (HBBEL-D)
• Britex Stainless Steel Bellagio Wash Basin (HBBEL)
• Britex Stainless Steel Timed Flow Level Pillar Tap (TW-9103)
• Britex Stainless Steel Accessible Toilet Suite (PTSD)
• Britex Stainless Steel Ambulant Toilet Suite (PTSAM)
• Britex Stainless Steel Framed Mirror (BTX-07-017)
• Britex Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser (BTX-05-021)
• Britex Stainless Steel Hand Dryer (BTX-01-028)
• Britex Stainless Steel Ambulant Grab Rail (BTR-01-058)
• Britex Stainless Steel Wall & Cistern Grab Rail (BTR-01-014)
• Britex Stainless Steel Drop Down Backrest (BTX-BR-D-VR)


The new park sports pavilion located at the southern ovals in Mont Albert North, accommodates multi-purpose sport areas including a canteen, female-friendly change rooms, public toilets and more. Whitehorse City Council’s new facility supports tenant clubs and encourages the wider community to participate in sport.